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"Providing care and support to families with premature or sick babies

during and after their neonatal journey"

Pipsqueak’s believe that every family who has to take a neonatal journey with a premature or sick baby deserves the best care and support. A neonatal journey isn’t simple or easy – it can be long, frustrating, upsetting, difficult and lonely. The truth is, there’s not enough words to describe what a neonatal journey is like. But our mission is to give support to the whole family, giving hospital staff more time to focus on the clinical care of the baby.

After a baby is discharged, the journey doesn’t just stop there. It can mean months or even years of further care and treatment for the baby. Sometimes, sadly, parents can come home without their baby. Whatever the outcome, Pipsqueak’s is here to give families continued support for as long as they need it.


Quality Family Care: Family is at our core. We’ll always look at ways to improve the well-being, mental health and care of families on the neonatal unit. This starts with Mum, Dad, Brothers/Sisters, but also extends to Grandparents too. Offering care from admission, to well after leaving the neonatal unit.

Pipsqueak’s Team: Over time, we will be developing a network of parents who have spent time on neonatal units, who will offering peer support through our dedicated NICU Support Forum on our website. A space where parents can interact with others and offer peer support and guidance.


Raising Awareness: Our fundraising efforts will be not only to raise funds for our cause, but to raise awareness of premature and sick babies in the region.


Leeds United Kingdom

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