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Our mission is to spread our too-good-for-this-world baby girls name across the world, and bring a little ray of sunshine to someone elses day at the same time. Pippa Rocks is a fun activity for children and grown ups. It's our take on the "painted rocks" trend. We've set up some social media links so you can share your rocks and where you've left them. 


To be involved...



1. Find a stone you like, wash it off and decorate it however you like, remembering the power of positivity. There are loads of tutorials and advise online regarding materials and best practise.

2. On the back of your stone, please write "#PIPPAROCKS"

3. Hide the stone in a public space, but make sure it's findable! For example, in a local park, at the foot of a tree, or under a bench.

4. Take a photo of your stone and upload it to instagram and/or facebook with #pipparocks and a basic location description in the post (eg Hidden in Roundhay Park, Leeds #PIPPAROCKS) You can tag us too if you like :)



If you're out on a walk, and happen to find a stone, or if you follow us and go out hunting for a stone that you've seen hidden nearby...

1. Take a photo of your find!

2. Take the stone with you and re-hide it somewhere different.

3. Upload your photo onto instagram and/or facebook with #PIPPAROCKS, the find location and the re-hide location in the post. (eg Found in Roundhay Park, Leeds. Rehidden in Clifton Park, Rotherham #PIPPAROCKS)

Thank you for spreading our girls name with love and positivity.





Leeds United Kingdom

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